Chris Anderson: Free

May 21, 2007

Tätä on ilmassa. Tässä Chris Andersonin uuden kirjan lähtölaukaus:

Chris Anderson, author of much-cited paradigm-shifter The Long Tail, sells new book Free to Hyperion.  New title explores “the most radical price of all — zero — in the context of the economics of abundance.” 

Here are some of the subtitles I’ve been kicking around:

1) FREE: The story of a radical price (zero)

2) FREE: How $0.00 changed the world

3) FREE: How companies get rich by charging nothing

4) FREE: The economics of abundance and the marketplace without money

5) FREE: The past and future of a radical price.

The book is due to be finished by mid-2008, for publication as soon after that as possible.

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