The book is ready!

February 13, 2008

The book about strategic giving is finally out!

And it’s free! Go and get it from!

Spread the word.


5 Responses to “The book is ready!”

  1. zulham Says:

    thanks u, but today i cant download ur book. because link of download not ready.

  2. I’m sorry you were unable to download the book.

    Try again a bit later. And let me know if the problem is still there.

  3. Sami Kangasharju Says:

    Yes. Not only ready but good too, congratulations! Having seen part of the process I appreciate the evolution it’s gone through.

    And a great idea Miikka, coordinating the release with the cover story of Kauppalehti Optio ;)

  4. I checked the book and it seems very interesting. I’m keen on waiting to read it through!

  5. PerttuT Says:

    Onnittelut Miikka julkaisusta. Mahtavaa kamaa.

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