Say NO to banner ads!

February 17, 2008

Who loves banner ads?
And still web is filled with them. Why?

It probably all started in the days of Gutenber. Someone came up with the idea of posting a paid info box on the corner of one page. And till this day we have used the same method. Media changes but advertisement stays the same.

Why do campanies take this lying down? Why do they want to be something bad that we all have to put up with to get to the stuff we really want?

What if companies would give instead of taking? Here is one idea:


One Response to “Say NO to banner ads!”

  1. Arttu Says:

    I mostly hate banner ads, too.

    However, they make sense in some special cases.

    1) It’s a distinctive feature of popular blogs to use 125x125px banner ads on the sidebar. A cunning blogger could “fool” her readers to think her blog is popular by using banners like these.

    2) For marketing purposes, banner ads work better if they are customized for the website they appear on, perhaps using the name of that website or its owner.

    3) Affiliate banners might work ok if they are seasonally targeted on a relevant site. For instance, holiday trip ads on a travel site at the time when many readers are making reservations.

    In my opinion, the biggest problem with banners is poor execution: flash, animation, games, sound, non-customization, promise of prizes and other cheap click-through improvement tricks your typical advertising agency comes up with.

    These annoyances make me stick to my AdBlock Plus.

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