Do you trust this site?

February 26, 2008

I’ve had some interesting discussions with Avneet Jolly, the CEO of a Texas based start-up called Insightory.

“Insightory is a platform for management professionals, academicians and graduate business students to share their knowledge and insights with the corporate world, solve management issues collaboratively, and network with peers who have similar professional interests. Our goal is to do for management knowledge what Wikipedia has done for general knowledge.”

Our discussions have been mostly about trust. How do you convince people to share their valuable information for free? Nobody wants to be taken advantage of. So how do you build trust?

I’m a Featured Expert on their service for couple of days. To return the favor I’m trying to figure out what kind of elements would make me trust a free service more.

Would you trust Insightory with your valuable documents?


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  1. Interesting topic this trust-thing…. IMHO the trust Insightory is seeking is no more different than any professional (seller, seo, writer etc) must face when meeting with new possible customer. It’s about human relationships, it’s about right answers to right questions, it’s about general reputation… There is no single all-in-one magic formula.

    To make things short, see some of the stuff I’ve written in the past about managing trust: and (the latter link is only in finnish and only a small portion is about trust). Hope these help to get those little grey cells on the move.


  2. Daniel Chege Says:

    I am sure you have the saying, “Nothing in the world is free” which is true most of the time and that is why it’s hard to trust people giving you “free stuff”

    It goes back to the olden days of Troy, where a ship was given as a “gift” only to penetrate a strong defense without the other person knowing about it.

    The beauty of giving though is, once you earn people’s trust, they keep coming back and also letting other people know about it without you paying them to do so.

    You can’t beat that.

    – Daniel Chege
    Poppa Productions Web Designs

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