NIN did it.

May 5, 2008

Free music from Nine Inch Nails

Nine Inch Nails is the first big commercial band to give away its music for free. You can get NIN’s new album in many formats and even download albums cover art as PDF.

They are not trying to make money with album sales, but to use music as marketing tool for their tour. And by giving their music away for free blogs like this are harnessed to be their viral marketers. And I am happy to play along.

This is just the beginning. I believe all material distributed via internet will eventually become free.

Even Metallica is figuring this out.


One Response to “NIN did it.”

  1. Tommi F. Says:

    “Even Metallica is figuring this out.”

    I’m sure that all the well-established bands have figured this out. THEY do not need any kind of outside help to put their stuff out there, they’ve already got the status to pretty much do as they please.

    Also, I’m sure Metallica has figured this out a while ago. I’m sure a big part of the Napster-debacle was more due to the fact that they were deprived of the choice to make their stuff available free. That’s the whole point: it has to be about GIVING things for free, not TAKING things for free.

    But the main point is: big bands can do whatever they please and people will consume their stuff because there’s already a need for their output + an existing financial backing. New and self-financed artists do not have this liberty. They have to find means of financing their operations. Giving is a good choice, but there’s still too many ifs and buts involved to make it a be-all-end-all solution.

    The funny thing is that before the digital age the fact that artists weren’t really making money off live performances was argumented with the fact that they’re pretty much promotion for selling records anyways. I wonder what happened to make them such a viable #1 source of income. Oh wait, nothing! No there’s just two sides to operating in the music business that are both supposed to just be promotion for the other and by that justify the fact that there’s very little revenue to be made.

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