Do you want a printed copy of SoG?

June 25, 2008

Free book

Zeeland Society wanted to print my book for all their clients.
Why not, I said, as long as it is still free.

Do you want your own free PRINTED version of Strategy of Giving?
I have some extra copies. Send me your mail address and a short explanation on how will you use the book. Email me at or use the comments field below. No strings attached.


11 Responses to “Do you want a printed copy of SoG?”

  1. pni Says:

    I sure would want one.

    I’m sure this book will be an excellent add to our library at Gyllene Skor, it’ll bring both information and vision to us and I’m sure it also will please our visual senses.

  2. sarmishta Says:

    Hi Miika,

    Firstly – are you the same Miika Leinonen who fuses forms of music? Couldn;t really see why :)

    Secondly, thanks for the book – i circumvented this blog and into your site to get it :) What i do like to know is, what is your take home from giving away this book and your services for free? Just curious – thanks anyways :) Your style and form or putting across ideas is commendable

  3. judegreen52 Says:

    I’d enjoy having, reading and utilizing this book – I think absorbing anything that involves kindness, compassion and giving has to be beneficial for the giver and the receiver. Thanks! Judy ( My email is )

  4. Thanks for all the inquiries! I have received a lot of emails in the past few days. Physical book still seems to be valued. I might run out of stock more quickly than I anticipated.

    Many forget that sending things the old-fashioned way requires an old-fashioned mailing address.

    So if you want the real, printed version, please remember to include your mailing address.

  5. Sarmishta: I wish I could play some instrument. But sadly no.

    What do I benefit from giving away my book for free?
    That is truly an interesting question.
    I have made no money of it. Writing the book took a lot of time and the maintenance still does.

    The payoff is threefold.
    1) I become wiser.
    2) I get more fame.
    3) I get connected to interesting people.

    I have been given an extraordinary chance to share thoughts with like-minded people from around the world. All those discussions have made me an expert in FREE and GIVING. That will pay off in many ways. Becoming a small-time guru will help in many business situations.

  6. pni Says:

    Got the book today. Thanks a bunch!

  7. David Zinger Says:

    What a wonderful accident to bump into your slideshare presentation and now your site and blog. I love free and this helps me to explain it to the 95% of business people who do not “get it.” I offer over 350 free articles on employee engagement and do much for free. Not only is it freeing, it also enriching.

  8. Tommi F. Says:

    Hey Miikka!

    I know I’m really really really late with this, but I’d sure love to have a printed copy of S.o.G. here at Futurice. If you didn’t send ’em all out yet, let me know! Thanks!


  9. Hello Miikka,

    I would be really happy to receive a printed copy.

    I’m a consultant and Giving is for me a key to personal and profesional success.

    Thank you,


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