What’s up?

December 8, 2009

What have I been doing for the last 8 months? Surely not writing this blog. :)

Well… I have been busy elsewhere.
For starters I’ve been raising two kids. Cleaning, feeding, not sleeping enough. You know the routine.

I have devoted a lot of my energy developing our custom publishing start-up, Maggie. These are tough times, but I have been lucky. I have been blessed with extremely talented and enthusiastic colleagues. I find myself smiling almost every day walking to the office.

Maggie is the perfect place for me to explore the possibilities of integrating social media, traditional media and marketing. I have given a lot of presentations on the subject. Some can be found on YouTube and Slideshare.

I have also been writing. My new book project is called Goodmachine. The idea behind the book is simple: Companies should not focus on making money. Companies that try to be as good as they can make the most money. But I will probably never finish the book. I find writing a book more rewarding than marketing it. Goodmachine blog (in finnish).

My latest passion is a non-profit start-up called Perunapuu (Potato tree in english). It’s a web service that helps people find better tasting and greener food and ingredients.

Currently we are trying to find funding for the project.
If we get it of the ground it will be Good.

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