Here are all the SoG slideshows ever made. Enjoy.

This is the first ever presentation I made about strategy of Giving. I presented it to only one person, my friend Torfinn Slåen. Just couple of slides that don’t make much sense without someone explaining them.

The second slideshow was a lot more advanced. This was already a teaser for the book. I tried to work with two layers of storytelling. Still not that much substance.

This one I did for some reason in finnish.

And then about the same idea in an english slideshow with a bit provocative title.

Then I tried to figure out how SoG works on the web. First I thought it would be really complicated but ended up with a rather simple view.

This is my first “bigger” presentation about SoG. The idea was not ready and I got a rather chilling reception. (Sorry, the embed doesn’t work.)

Strategy of Giving from Miikka Leinonen on Vimeo

These ones are done after the release of the SoG book. I wanted to offer people the book’s material in a different format.

The latest version about Sog and web.

Chis Anderson wrote a big article about FREE as a business model for wired magazine. This is how I think it works.


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